I seek the unseen within stone to express my interpretation of form, texture, shape, and surface for interaction with the viewer.  Solid materials allow me this communication through the sculptural process with stone and metal.  All of my sculpture represents one-of-a-kind creative solutions in a timeless medium.

Artists Process Statement

I work in stone and metal to create forms using direct techniques in various types of native western marble, basalt, and limestone.  My sculptures rarely refer to a specific reality.  They may point to places physically present or ethereal, reaching to engage the viewer more with aesthetic essence than drama. I emphasize natural surrealism while engaging the emotions evoked by the natural realm.

My direct stone sculptures allow me to explore the substance I see with natural conceptual interpretation in a timeless medium.  I seek the creative range in sculpture to release form from stone using emotional traces with links to peace and pleasure for the viewer.  My work is rooted in a lifetime of experience with stone now evolved in expression approaching challenging forms, sometimes whimsical and kinetic, requiring individual solutions exploring limits of balance, structure, and surface finish.  Supporting roles for each piece includes metal, glass, wood, and rough stone engineered to compliment, facilitate, and  complete the creative solution.